Sunday is May, the 5th. With everyone from burrito restaurants to party supply stores to Mexican beer importers gearing up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the hysterics at The Huffington Post are here to give some advice — don’t do it!

Yes, in predictable fashion, the perpetually offended at HuffPo has risen to the defense of nobody to coach us on proper behavior.

While their advice on eating etiquette (to appropriate a French term) is greatly appreciated (to appropriate sarcasm) it seems that many were not taking their advice here…how can we put this…”SERIOUSO“!

Of course, it never dawned on HuffPo that its use of props in the graphic for this “articulo” in their “periodico” could itself be deemed problematic.

Interestingly while HuffPo hoped to stimulate our brains, hoping we’d take their plea to heart, they managed to only upset our stomachs.

So here is a hypothetical: If one were to appropriate Caleb’s privilege on Sunday would that create a vortex where one would, in the end, become WOKE as a result?!?!

To say these folks are wound a bit too tight is an understatement. They should follow Jimmy’s lead.