While some debate the Jewish faith’s stance on the afterlife, one thing people are finding out this weekend is that the internet is forever.

The latest Orange Man is the Devil outrage is that a documentarian spotted a MAGA hat version of the Jewish kippa being worn by Sheldon Adelson, at the President’s speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition.

And of course, this appearance led many to imbalanced reactionary outrage. As you can guess a number of people found a reason to bleat about how inapropes this was, and somehow proves Trump is repugnant, in their estimation.

It may sound petty to explain the Jewish faith is practiced in a synagogue, not a church. But when people feel the need to be doling out theistic lectures accuracy is kind of important.

Yes, the outrage over Trump slandering a yarmulka with his name has never been seen before! This obscene sacrilegious blasphemy is unprecedented! No politician has ever done such a disrespectful–…

Uh oh.

So just to reiterate — we see examples of numerous Democratic candidates with their versions of yarmulkas as far back as 2008. Interesting that we had no similar hue and cry in that duration.

More than that, if you want to know just how convenient this Trump-Yarmulka raging is today, note this non-outrage taking place over a vendor at AIPAC three years ago.

He was selling the head covering with all of the potential Presidential candidates and was noting how the names he was selling trended. The Washington Free Beacon covered this controversial practice that nobody seemed to find controversial.

“I totally underestimated the degree of support that Jewish people who are attending this event have for Trump,” said Daniels, who runs an online yarmulke shop called Marc’s Garden Jubilee. “I probably had about 50 inquiries for Trump yarmulkes that I could not fulfill.”

So today the President is accused of being religiously insensitive, for doing the exact same thing that has been done repeatedly over the last few elections?  What a difference a few years can make.