Sunday will the presentation of the 91st Academy Awards. The apex of the Hollywood awards season has been suffering the past few years, as ratings have been plummeting to record levels. Last year’s telecast was the first time viewrship dipped below 30 million. They need to renew interest.

As part of the hype they gave a sneak peek at what the stage will look like this Sunday evening. Advance word came that Swarovski helped decorate the Dolby Theater, and some pictures of how things lo

The set designer, David Korins, explains the high-minded intentions he had for his inspiration.

A world. He designed a world there, with that staging. Just understand as you are looking over that. It is a world.

But a t least he has his elbow on the pulse of the country, understanding what problems we have been facing — straight lines! At least we will have a world based on inclusion.


Maybe he designed something else altogether? Maybe, just maybe he designed something closer to approximating — a person? And not just anyone in general; someone very specific comes to mind.

It cannot be unseen! That is our President’s coiffure, in staged form.

It will be quite the hilarity come Sunday to see those who despise President Trump the most receiving praise while standing beneath The Donald’s comb-over.

Others have seen similar results from this

I sense a theme with these interpretations, and none of it sounds like they concern enveloping worlds that eschew straight lines.


See you on Sunday, at the President Donald Trump Pavillion for the Academy Awards!!!