It would not be a Hollywood awards show without some celebrities injecting politics. They just cannot help themselves. The production seemed to make an effort to sidestep most chances at political lectures and the usual below-the-belt jokes aimed at those on the right of the political spectrum. However that did not stop the winners from taking their shots.

After winning Best Picture director Peter Farrelly gave a lengthy speech about race relations in our country. Accepting the Best Limited Series win for “The Assasination Of Gianni Versace” producer Brad Simpson implored people to resist in the streets, and at the ballot box — because the pampered millionaires in Hollywood have a truly rough life.

But Christian Bale took things to a new depth.

The British actor won for his portrayal of former Vice President Dick Cheney in the film “Vice”, and he took all opportunity to deliver the lowest of shots. He began thanking the director, and then stated he was needed to be “charisma-free, and reviled” to play Cheney. He next mentioned playing “charisma-free a** holes”, and suggested Mitch McConnel would be his next character to play. Then he had one more person to thank.

See, Dick Cheney is so inherently EVIL that Bale needed to draw inspiration from the Prince Of Darkness to play him correctly! It’s a hilarious dig! (Well, at least he didn’t say he was inspired by Hitler, so some credit for fresh takes.)

As he was forgetting what his first name was, while referencing Old Scratch, what is perplexing is this need for him to virtue signal after winning an award. You got their approval, you can scale back on the social posturing at that point.

Well, it seems that he was actually operating at a proper skill level. According to an authority on the subject…

Well done Mr. Bale, well done.

Of course there were many who were pleased with Bale’s Underworldly reference.

His speech was full of wisdom and love, we presume.

Maybe a poor choice of words in this context…?

There is merit to this. The film is underperforming, with mixed critical reviews and audience scores which are quite low. Be careful who you strike deals with, right?

There is a possibility that Bale mentioned his flammable acting coach as part of a new trend in Hollywood. Possibly more entertainers are opening up about their brimstone connections. Actor Cody Fern showed up to the ceremony in — cloven hooves.