There had to be a few people lunging for their TV remote, trying to adjust their settings, believing their HD settings were pixilated incorrectly.

As many football fans now understand, any major game is sure to have a delay midway through as the compulsory sponsored musical halftime show has to play out interminably. For tonight’s National Championship game between Clemson and Alabama we were graced with a performance by Imagine Dragons.

The group welcomed special guest, rapper L’il Wayne, and his choice on entertainment togs was noticed by many.

The garish ensemble had many scrambling for explanations — and comparisons.

How is one even able to focus on one component here, like his hair?!



The possible winner, based on the sheer amount of tweets–


Of course, the compulsory contemporary explanation was offered.

Okay, that was a good pull.


Given how the game went from bad to worse for the Crimson Tide they may have wanted to call him back out to distract from the carnage.

It is tough deciding which was the worst appearance tonight…