On occasion auto makers will look back on their history and design a new vehicle based on an iconic design. The announcement was just made that a limited edition of the Lincoln Continental will be available next summer.

In marking the 80th anniversary of the nameplate, 80 of the special edition cars will be offered for sale, at a robust sticker price of $100,000. The main selling point of the luxury sedans is the unique access design.

Hold on — what kind of doors?! Oh dear…

Fine, then “coach doors” – better? But then, since we are being hypersensitive and literal, only coaches are permitted to drive these?

These are the kind of souls who will possibly look to have classic cars songs re-branded as well. Jan & Dean’s “Dead Man’s Curve” is sure to be seen as offensive, no? (Oh no, hope that has not inspired…!!)

Okay, for one: That’s not “suicide”, it’s calamity. And second — “Insane”?! How insensitive.

Finally, fret not. These models are actually equipped with a B-pillar, and that centerpost is actually to meet crash test requirements.

As CNN has explained, the original design of the door configuration was based on production needs at the time.

Ford, Lincoln’s parent company, dictated that the Continental share much of its engineering with the two-door Ford Thunderbird so the two models could be built on the same assembly line. That meant keeping the Continental’s body as short as possible. Passengers could stretch their legs out and stand up and out without having to immediately get around the door.

Okay, fine. That covers the engineering, but what of that grievous choice of names?! At least not everyone is rendered by a colorful term for a car accessory.


Well yes, practicality is involved. Would it be wrong to say “Slay, Queen!”, given the sensitivity of this automotive designation?

Please…do not ruin this for us…





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