The media these days has become such a sump hole of pit vipers they are incapable of even functioning correctly and screwing up in the process daily. It is getting to the point we are starting to feel like 34-year-old Brian Stelter.

The latest comes from the daily press briefing where CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield was brought out for the sake of correcting the record in the media.  The Washington Post ran a piece with a problematic headline and the president, along with Dr. Redfield sought to straighten out the mess made by the press. Of course, this did not sit well with the press.

There is going on now the desperate attempt at parsing the language to either slam the president or clear their own screwups. Probably both.

Except he did not say this. He took issue with the headline that had been used and clarified his statements that were being misinterpreted. The elite members of the press however saw a need to continue reinterpreting things.

Trump did not say he was ”misquoted”. At issue is the Post saying their headline that Dr. Redfield used this quote: ”CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating”.

What Trump and Dr. Redfield were saying today is that the headline was where they saw a problem, and how his entire message was being massaged.

On one level it seems ridiculous to have to go through and parse the language used like this. But look at the number of members of the media who are cleaving to such a narrow reporting of the discussion in order to continue with the narrative that Trump is forcing Dr. Redfield to say something different.

Here is the prime example, from the primary individual who subsists on this very type of reporting.

Redfield also took issue with the headline, and he needed to clarify his words which the press was twisting into a different message. When Acosta has to resort to giving half of the discussion in order to make his point it becomes proof he does not have the point to be made.

So many others in the press are doing exactly the same thing.