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OUCH: Anti-gunners LOSE THEIR SH*T on President Trump over 'thoughts and prayers' for YouTube shooting victims

Republicans typically offer thoughts and prayers to victims of violent crimes, including those who have fallen victim to mass shootings. President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank first responders for taking care of those who were injured in the YouTube shooting earlier in the day. He also offered his thoughts and prayers to the victims.


The Left used the opportunity to berate Trump and push for gun control.

When you say “gun problem” what is your “solution” to the problem?

Why does there have to be one or the other? It is possible to pray for people AND to offer policy changes.

Some people believe in the power of prayer, you know.

How is Trump spreading hate? Is it because you disagree with him?

“Common sense gun laws” usually mean get rid of the Second Amendment.


Someone doesn’t know how laws are made.

Clever. REAL clever.

Um, it’s difficult because…

A) We have the Second Amendment in place to protect Americans from a tyrannical government. Infringing upon that right infringes upon a basic right we have (from God) and that is protected in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

B) Our government was set up in a way that keeps laws from being passed willy-nilly. It’s a slow process because it’s meant to limit what the government can and cannot do.

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