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Freedom hater Michael Moore displays his astounding LOVE for North Korea with an 'F-Trump' tirade

Last night, during the openings of the 2018 Winter Olympics, a number of astonishing things took place. During the opening ceremony, North and South Korea came out together as “Korea” to show the world the two countries are unified.


It was a strange sight to see considering how vastly different North Korea and South Korea are from one another.

Vice President Mike Pence saw right through the gimmick and chose not to stand when Korea was announced. After all, why would a Republic want to applaud a dictatorship? That goes against everything America stands for.

Of course, Michael Moore took the opportunity to use the opening ceremonies as a chance to hate on the Trump administration.

Michael, you’re a wack-a-doodle. You seriously think the Olympic committee put in THAT much thought about Pence sitting in front of the Korean leaders? You’re probably giving them too much credit.

At least there were people who called Moore out on his bullsh*t.

Hmm…nope. But don’t let Moore’s “humanitarian” play fool you.


The people in North Korea aren’t allowed to BREATHE without government consent.

Don’t we all?

That’s a MARVEL idea! Start a Go Fund Me account for him. I’d gladly throw in $50 just for him to go away.

Just make sure the documentary is one of those that never makes it to the movie theatre. Release it straight to DVD.

Michael likes to get “creative” with his vocabulary and comprehension skills. This is one of those examples.

Nothing screams ‘MURICA! like applauding Communist dictators and mass murderers.


If he moved there, the first thing they’d demand was that he deactivated his Twitter account. It would do America a world of good for that to happen.


Ha. And the sunrise is probably Obama’s sunshine reminding us that “hope” and “change” are still possible.

*eye roll*

Who’s leading this movement? There’s a list of people who would GLADLY join.

Michael “Climate Watcher” Moore. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Does he dance too?

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