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BAM! Charlie Kirk points out one GIANT media hypocrisy...and people BLAST Democrats, mainstream media

Charlie Kirk brought up a great point earlier today. Anytime something goes right in our country, it’s thanks to President Barack Obama. Anytime something goes wrong, it’s President Donald Trump’s fault. The media has a way of picking and choosing what president gets credit or berated for his policies.


Ain’t that the truth?

As if it was Trump’s fault that some idiot pushed the wrong button.

Sadly, some on the left will consider that an accomplishment. They’ll say “but hey! We got Black Lives Matter out of Obama.” And you know how they feel about BLM.

There are pros and cons to their misinformation. On one hand, the majority of Americans are misinformed. They’re told the wrong info and they repeat it because they assume it’s accurate. On the other hand, that misinformation and narrative that the mainstream media has decided to run with is the reason Trump got elected.


Because it’s easier for the Democrats to blame others instead of standing by their policies and defending them.

When Obama was in office, I did frequently ask, “At one point will things be Obama’s fault?”

And how many presidents want to be on the end of THAT legacy?


Surprised they aren’t blaming Bush 41 for things too.

Don’t you just LOVE how the narrative is always changing?

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