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HERE WE GO! Gavin Newsom pushes gun control in idiotic video targeting the NRA

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is no stranger to the gun control debate. In fact, he’s one of the most outspoken gun control proponents in the nation.

Now that Newsom is running for governor, he decided to take to Twitter to target his arch nemesis: the National Rifle Association. What better way to rally his anti-gun followers than by taking shots at the NRA?


Some of the responses from anti-gunners are beyond stupid.

That’s an easy one.

Not sure what healthcare and environmental issues have to do with guns, but okay?


Apparently, you are never too old to be a Snowflake.

All of us supposed “Trump idiots” are going to say “what about” or “what if” to prove that you guys have some dumbass arguments. Duh.



Do you even know what an “assault weapon” is or do you assume that every gun in America is an “assault weapon?”


Uh…no. We cite the Second Amendment because we are tired of liberals cherry picking what parts of the Constitution they wish to follow.

Gun control advocates love to use the saying “common sense gun laws” or “sensible gun laws” but none of them can ever explain what the hell that means!

In other words: great in theory, horrible in practice.

Actually, Planned Parenthood has made money off abortions. But that is a whole nother topic for a different time.

Of course, Second Amendment advocates jumped in to tear down Newsom’s idiotic statements.


Think about it. Does the Knife Makers Guild get blamed when people are stabbed to death? No. Does the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers get blamed when people get into accidents that lead to death? No.

Notice the theme here?

Newsom will probably argue that it is the gun lobby’s “dirty money” that put the gun in these idiots’ hands.

BAHAHA! I thought criminals always follow the law?! But wait…that is applying logic.

^^ THIS!



My guns have been chilling in their case for a while and they have yet to kill someone. Oh wait…they need a human to pull the trigger. Forgot about that part.

I would rather take my chance with an armed citizen then to have to hope and pray that I never need a firearm to defend myself.

As the saying goes… “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.”


YUP! They will force us all to hand over our guns by…pointing their guns at us. Makes sense, right?


Ditto. Because if the world is safe enough for Gavin to go unarmed then it is safe enough for me to walk around without my firearm.

Speaking of armed security…

I bet they are not there just to beat up anyone who tries to go after the Lt. Gov. My guess? They each probably have a couple guns tucked under their jackets. But hey, that is just speculation.


Do not forget…liberals hate talking about Chicago because it is their biggest failure.


How could a NRA member possibly know how to use a firearm!? You mean to tell me that a gun was *gulp* used for good?! Say it is not so!

That…uh…one that is, um, *scratches head* the one that has not been written up yet? *shrugs*

Right? At least if these idiots are going to push for stricter gun control laws, they should know what laws are currently on the books. Knowing that criminals are banned from owning and/or possessing a firearm is pretty basic knowledge.



I see what you did there. “Drive-by.”

Well played, Mr. Well played.

So. Much. YESSS!

Now gun control idiots cannot use the excuse that they want “common sense” reform or that they appreciate the Second Amendment and do not want to eliminate it.



People like Newsom have tried to disarm us for years and they keep failing. You know why? Because there are over 5 MILLION gun owners in America. We pay attention. We vote. And we sure as hell will not go down without a fight.

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