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GREEEAAATTT! Michael Moore jumps in on the NRA bashing frenzy and Twitter FLIPS OUT

Earlier today, California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom posted a video warning the National Rifle Association that gun control advocates are coming after our guns. He decided to use the video to promote his gun control agenda and rally his troops.


Apparently, Michael Moore decided he needed to get in on the action by blaming the NRA and gun manufacturers for the number of gun-related deaths since the Sandy Hook Massacre.

Oh, Mr. Moore. You are so, so, soooo uneducated. While anti-gunners like yourself seem to believe that the NRA is only made up of “powerful gun manufacturers,” you all forget one point that’s very hard to miss: the NRA has 5 MILLION members. And guess what? The majority of us are average folks who want to make sure our Second Amendment rights are protected. We don’t work for gun manufacturers. Hell, most NRA members don’t even work in the gun industry. They’re people who want to hunt and provide for their family or carry a firearm for self-defense. At least if you’re going to be outraged about something, can you puh-leaseeee get your facts straight?! It’s really not THAT hard to do.

Twitter quickly lit a fire under Moore’s ass (and for good reason).


That’s the question of the hour.

Michele is right. The whole point of the Second Amendment is for the people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. I know gun control advocates say we’re paranoid when we worry about our guns being taken away from us, but guess what? Every dictator started out by taking away his peoples’ guns. You know why? Because they couldn’t rebel without a weapon in their hand. Americans are smart enough to know that this is a very real threat.

This guy gets it. Then there were others who decided to try and challenge his thought process.

There are SO many things to be said about this tweet.

  1. Are you considering anything that goes BANG an “assault weapon?”
  2. Bump stocks are not a type of gun. They’re a gun accessory. Know the difference.
  3. How do you determine what type of gun is used for self-defense or hunting? Preference varies depending on the person.
  4. The National Instant Background Check System (NICS) was established to prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns but, you know, criminals do what criminals do and they don’t follow the law.
  5. How do you propose we keep people from crossing state lines with illegal guns? Are you proposing we set up security checkpoints at every single point of entry between every state? If so, will they search every vehicle to determine if someone has a firearm? Because that’d be a violation of our Fourth Amendment right.


Then there were these Snowflakes who had to ride in on their unicorn to defend Michael.

Yeah, let me bring empathy to a gun fight and let you know how it goes. Oh wait. I’ll be dead.

Great job, Ian. Well thought out plan. BRAVO.


The proof is in the pudding.

America cares sooo much about life that we allow abortion. ’nuff said.

No one in America is happy that Sandy Hook happened. Not one person I know is happy to know that children were murdered by a madman. Gun owners are definitely NOT happy about it. But one thing you must know: the people who donate to the NRA are law-abiding gun owners. We’re the people who follow the laws. We’re the ones who pass background checks, who lock up our guns, who teach our children how important gun safety is. The NRA represents millions of people who follow the law. And our voices are being listened to by the Trump Administration. That doesn’t make the money dirty. It means that the NRA’s political influence is working. They’re doing what they set out to do.


We don’t have an epidemic. America has a far different culture than any other nation. You know why? Because there has never been another society established that is as similar as ours.

I thought we were done with all of these “lives matter” movements? Guess not…

Michael is joining all of his buddies, including Newsom, in trying to take our guns. To that I say: MOLON LABE!

So. Original. Blood money.

My other favorite anti-gun claim.

Are we killing one another before or after we buy guns from those people?


Apparently, all of us white, gun-toting people are the ones who are going to commit crimes with guns. But that’s not racist to say?

Here’s how national reciprocity actually works:

Say I want to get a concealed carry weapons permit (CCW). I go to my sheriff’s office and apply for the permit. I pay a fee and take classes (depending on the state). I undergo a background check and pass. I’m now licensed to legally carry a weapon concealed. As it currently stands, not every state has to recognize my CCW. If I travel to a neighboring state with my firearm and want to carry concealed then I’m labeled a criminal.

The bill that passed the House doesn’t allow a six-year-old to have a gun. At all. You have to be 21 to carry a handgun, which is what you would conceal, which is what national reciprocity is all about. Makes sense?


Anti-gunners, let me give you a bit of advice.

If you’re going to try and push your ideas on those of us who are law-abiding gun owners, will you please do your damn research?! Nothing is more maddening than having people bitch and moan about needing stricter gun control laws but everything that you’re advocating for is already in place.


You want people to pass background checks? Already on the books.

You want people to keep guns out of the hands of criminals by making it illegal for them to have guns? Already on the books.

What more do you want to do that punishes the criminal without punishing the law-abiding?!

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