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HA! Black conservative drops a TRUTH BOMB about racism in America

Vlogger Candace Owens posted a video about racism in America. She focused primarily on how the Left abuses the word “racist” and “racism” as a means of controlling African American Voters. The Left says everything in racist so that blacks won’t think twice about voting for a Republican.


Her analysis is SPOT ON.

Here’s what she said:

You know that expression, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’ Well, the inverse to that expression is that if it’s broke we should fix it. And do you want to know what’s broke?

Voting for Democrats every four years results in buyers remorse four years later. Why don’t we try something different, guys?

‘Cause everything is racist!’

Riiiiggghhhtttt. So here’s how fear politics work:

‘My name is Ashley Evans and I want the black vote. All I have to do is sprinkle the word ‘racist’ on anything that is opposed to my agenda.


Donald Trump? Racist.

Republicans? Racist.

Leaving the Paris Agreement? Racist.

Hillary Clinton? Not racist, which is the reason I’m with her!

The Democrats have figured out that fear absolutely dominates black people politically, to the point of socioeconomic paralysis. Racism has pretty much become our boogie man.’

AMEN! Finally! Finally, someone calls out the Democrats for their lying, cheating ways. Finally, someone calls out the Democrats for using fear as their primary means of gaining voters.

Just think about it. Liberals like to use the fear tactic all the time. Afraid of losing your ability to “choose” to have an abortion? Vote for a Democrat. Afraid of women being oppressed? Vote for a Democrat. Afraid of the country going back to slavery? Vote for a Democrat.

We are not — I repeat, we are not — living through the Civil Rights era. And we need to stop acting like we are.

America, despite what CNN may tell you, is not a racist country. And when it was, despite what CNN may tell you, the Democrats were at the help of it.

Personally, when I hear the world ‘racism’ nowadays I just assume it’s something that the Democrats don’t want me to see so I intentionally go pursue it.

Don’t take it from me. Let’s take a look at what our blind allegiance to the Democratic Party has earned us in territories that they are dominating.

Flint, Michigian: Not only one of the country’s poorest cities but also listed recently as one of the most dangerous. They don’t even have clean drinking water.

Detroit: A complete and utter urban failure. And I’m not just talking about Eminem. They’ve got crime. They’ve got poverty. Take your pick.

Philadelphia: I feel like they win poorest major city almost every year. Not the greatest superlative, but you know…Democrats.

And, of course, we can’t talk about poverty and crime-ridden cities without bringing up Chicago, another Democratic stronghold where 75 percent of those who are murdered are black and 71 percent of the murderers are also black. But we’re not supposed to care about that, right?

If we asked the Democrats running those cities why, why were there already 636 shootings that resulted in death this year? They’ll tell us, ‘Look! The KKK! Look! Charlottesville! Look, the KKK is rallying in Charlottesville’ where no black person died.

And so what do we do in response? Did we focus on the real issues? No, of course not. We riot. We get arrested. We lose focus on what actually matters.


Notice a pattern here? Yup. So did Candance. And once she spoke out about her people being used and abused, she received some notoriety.

People instantly took to social media to applaud her for calling out the Left for their nasty tricks.

It’s true. Think about it. Democrats are so desperate for power that they will do anything and everything to make sure one of their buddies is in office. They’ll register dead people and Disney characters to vote. And they’ll claim everything a Republican stands for is racist or sexist to keep minorities for the Democratic Party.

Chicago and Baltimore are two of the crappiest-run cities. And SHOCKER! They’re controlled by Democrats.

Blacks continually talk about how they’re tired of being pawns in political games but they continually allow themselves to be treated as such when they vote the same idiots into office.

Sometimes it takes one of your own for the blinders to come off.




Donald Trump…racist.


Free speech…racist.

Anything and everything is racist if it goes against the liberal agenda. Convenient, right?

Candance even got a standing ovation from her fellow African Americans. They should take James’ suggestion into account and listen to what Candance has to say. Maybe they’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel?

It’s sad that it takes a bit of satire to wake people up.

Here’s the Democrats’ logic: Black men kill other black men with guns in cities with strong gun control laws (Baltimore, Chicago, I’m talkin’ about you). What better way to prevent criminals from committing crimes than enacting even MORE laws they don’t follow? Makes perfect sense, right?

^^^ Sums up the Democratic agenda to a T. The main difference between Republicans and Democrats are the belief in people. Democrats believe everyone needs a handout and a hand up. Republicans, on the other hand, believe we’re all capable of making the best decisions for ourselves and our families.



When the Left starts throwing these words around what they’re really saying is, “You’re right. We’re defeated.”

If you don’t agree with what the Left is doing, you’re a racist, homophobic, xenophobic idiot.

UPDATE: December 13, 2017, 7:30p.m. EST

It looks as those Candace has received some hate mail. Not all that shocking, right?

And you know what? Candace got MAD kuddos…again.

Black people who are waking up to the Democrats’ nonsense are a danger to the identity politics they’ve created.

Why is it that some people always want to be the victim? Guess they always want something to bitch about, huh?

Don’t worry. We’ll mic drop for you.


Every young person in America deserves to know what ugly, ugly lies they are being fed. If we can prevent just one person from falling victim then we are doing our job.


That was a compliment…I think?


Martin Luther King Jr. would be absolutely ashamed of what some black leaders are doing, especially when they claim to be doing it in MLK’s very name. MLK fought so hard to build the black community up and it takes a few idiots like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and their cronies to ruin it, all in the name of “equality.”




You can’t force people to want to better themselves. You can’t force people to want to get a job and work for what they have. When people have been conditioned to believe that everything should be handed to them it takes twice as much work to undo that kind of thinking. It’s not something that can be done overnight.

Sadly, for so many, there is an us versus them mentality. It’s easy for some of us to remove the emotion and look at things logically but that’s not always the case for everyone.


I’m sure she could easily answer that for you. In fact, she just did…


The major difference between Democrats and Republicans: Democrats believe in looking at everything in a large-scale sense. You’re not an individual. You’re one of a lot of people who make up a giant society. Republicans, on the other hand, value individualism. We believe people can make the best decisions for themselves. We believe those who have issues are better at deciding how to fix them than the government.

Candance made one point very, very clear: the Democrats see black people as nothing more than a number at the polls. They’re not people with real problems. They’re people who the Democrats keep in a perpetual state of chaos so the party can stay in power. You know why? Because if these people no longer had issues then they would no longer have to look to the Democrats to provide all of the answers. Amazing how that works, huh?


Again…what I just said.


Anything is possible in America!

And you know Candace is right when even those who disagree with her applaud her…

Conclusion: YOU GO GIRL!

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