A Second Amendment supporter who is attending the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting (NRAAM) posted a receipt of her meal at Ellen’s, a restaurant in Dallas. At the bottom of the receipt, the restaurant takes a stand on gun control, saying a portion of the week’s proceeds will go to gun control groups.

The woman, Rusty Shackleford, posted the warning to other Second Amendment supporters. And, of course, gun control loving Snowflakes JUMPED with joy.

Wow. How clever. At least it’s better than yelling, “You’ve got blood on your hands!”

…except the NRA has a long track recording of arming minorities, so try again?

All of the Snowflakes will gather at Ellen’s. And criminals will know who they can target (because they’ll be unarmed).

How many anti-gunners know what constitutes an assault weapon?

…except she’s a woman, so how does that work?

It’s hilarious. The Left is so quick to claim that they’re all about unifying people…unless they disagree with you. And now, labeling people you disagree with is socially acceptable.

Fact check: the people who attend NRA conventions are law-abiding gun owners. They follow gun laws. What makes you think

Actually, AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle. But please, keep educating us on your version of gun terminology.

She’s not balking at Ellen’s First Amendment rights, she’s simply warning out 2A supporters not to spend their money there.

Don’t you just LOVE when Liberals try flipping the Snowflake dialogue?