The NRA is constantly in the news for one reason or another. Lately, it’s because people have insinuated that the pro-gun group is responsible for the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Now, there seem to be conspiracy theories about the NRA being thrown left and right.

The latest attack on the NRA comes from none other than NPR. The liberal taxpayer-funded “news” organization tried making a story out of something that really isn’t a story.

Apparently, 23 Russian Americans donated to the NRA … via memberships. Somehow that must mean Russians are infiltrating the NRA, and thus, America.

Erielle Davidson set the record straight: this. is. not. a. story.

So move on, NPR.

You would have thought this story came from The Onion.

At least people took the time to call NPR out for their dumb reporting.

Only $200? Should have gone for $1,200!


$2,500 is a very insignificant amount of money for an organization as big as the NRA.

It’s been smoking for awhile, you know! HA!

That’s less than one percent of the NRA’s membership. Great job, NPR! You’re breaking REAL news, one fake story at a time.