Every time there’s a mass shooting of some sort the NRA suddenly has a target on its back. Somehow, the 5.5 MILLION members who make up the NRA are responsible for mass shootings that they didn’t commit.

Anti-gunners were VERY triggered when The Hill posted an article saying donations to the NRA’s PAC skyrocketed after the Parkland shooting.

Gun control advocates wasted NO TIME calling NRA members terrorists and every other name in the book. But remember, these are the “tolerant” people on the left.

NRA is in the U.S., in case you missed that memo.

That would be the NRFYLA. Nice try though.

Gun control advocates HATE the thought of Americans getting behind the Second Amendment.

Because *gasp* HOW HORRIBLE!

Do people consider the NRA to be a terrorist organization because they don’t agree with the Second Amendment?

The answer: yes.

YUP! You caught us! You found another basket of deplorables!

LOLOLOL. Ya’ll need to come up with some new talking points.

We’d rather make sure our money is used to fight ya’ll who want to take away our Second Amendment rights.

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