Both the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and MTV have partnered to push the #MarchForOurLives narrative for gun control.

Oh, so you’re actively working to push the Democratic agenda? Got it.

You’re not marching in remembrance of the 17 kids who were lost in Parkland. You’re marching for gun control and making the assumption that those victims would have wanted stricter gun laws.

What does police brutality have to do with this march?

Of course, that partnership also means that celebrities (naturally) are involved in this.

Don’t you just LOVE when celebrities put money behind these things and act like they were hitting the pavement?

Writing a tweet sending “love” and “encouragement” means a WHOLE lot.

Nothing’s easier than throwing some money at a movement to say, “I participated,” right, Jimmy?

Another “I agree with you but refuse to hit the pavement” tweet from a celebrity. WHOO HOO! Progress and change!

Then there’s Miley Cyrus who thinks the gun control debate is nothing but fun and games…

…as evidenced by her idiotic selfies.

…and dumb videos.

Here come the hashtag warriors…

Why do Democrats LOVE to have sign selfies? Is this the new form of activism these days?