As the March For Our Lives rallies continue across the country, it’s hard not to notice one common theme: the National Rifle Association (NRA) seems to be protestors’ biggest enemy.

Protestors have some rather choice words for the NRA, but there’s just one problem…they seem to forget that 5 MILLION members make up the pro-gun group.

How is wanting to utilize your Second Amendment right suddenly “terrorism?”

Real classy.

Why is abortion an issue at a gun control rally?

Hey! Hey! Our guns are locked away.

You’re using emotions, not facts.

Oh, so every NRA member is now the grim reaper because we want to defend ourselves? Makes sense.

Dumbest. Sign. Ever.

Except none of these mass shooters were members of the NRA, so there’s that…

Hey! Hey! The 2A won’t go away!

Apparently gun control advocates can’t create a sign without cursing.

Oh, yeah. That’s right. The NRA has blood on its hands because they advocate for a Constitutionally-protected right.

*eye roll*

Ya’ll act like NRA members don’t vote. How do you think Trump got elected? By voting NRA members.

The NRA isn’t going anywhere.

Can’t they come up with a more creative sign than “F**k the NRA?”

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