The gun control debate continues to get heated, especially when it comes to gun control movement’s darling, David Hogg. Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv decided to make an offer to Hogg: for the two to debate while they’re both in D.C. It’s an understandable sentiment considering both have gone through the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and both are on opposite sides of the issue.

Sadly though, gun control advocates quickly moved to berate Kashuv’s good-natured gesture.

Um, Kashuv has met with the President, Vice President, First Lady and members of Congress on BOTH sides of the aisle. That’s SOMETHING productive.

What makes you think Kashuv wants to ride Hogg’s coattails? If he did, he would have easily jumped on the gun control bandwagon.

Um…debating isn’t calling anyone out?

Newsflash: NO ONE is in favor of mass shootings. No one wants to see children gunned down. Just because someone is pro-gun doesn’t mean that they’re in favor of school shootings.

You can’t solve the problem if you don’t have the conversation.

Kashuv doesn’t agree with taking away people’s Second Amendment rights. Why would he “support” his classmates? That’s all the March For Our Lives rally is.

He’s meeting with legislators.


How poetic.

Kashuv wants a solution just as much as Hogg. How they go about change is different though.

Clearly these people are upset that Kashuv has had a positive impact in Washington.