Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) took to Twitter to share his experiences with gun violence, particularly with “assault weapons.” The thread he wrote is a poem that promises to seek justice for those who were killed with “assault weapons.” His thread is a promise for gun control.

EVERY life matters. EVERY. Single. Life. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, yellow or orange. All of us have a life worth living.

Gun violence continues in communities like yours because of the strict gun control laws that are already in place. You must seem to forget that criminals in your area will continue to break the law while you leave the innocent unprotected and unarmed.

Stop acting like you’re doing them justice when all you’re doing is pushing them one step closer toward a bullet.

People die because of criminals. We see the kids. We see the blood. We see the harm. But it’s happening by the same people, not those law-abiding gun owners you’re attempting to place the blame on.

Of course, Booker fans were quick to applaud his PR move.

Quit acting like the NRA doesn’t represent its members. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t continually get renewals. They wouldn’t have seen an uptick in support after Parkland. And they wouldn’t have the money you think is SO evil.

Also, it’s offense when you call the average man, woman, mother and father members of a terrorist organization simply because they want to utilize their Second Amendment rights.

But who’s the one using “emotion instead of facts and logic?”

Um, Jean. You must have missed the Memo. He WROTE THIS THREAD. So there’s that…

No one is forcing teachers to carry guns. It’s an OPTION for those that WANT to. Gee. What a concept.

What the hell is the definition of “mass weapons of war?” That’s ANOTHER new term the lefties are using now, huh?