Turning Point USA’s Director of Urban Engagement, Candace Owens, brought up staggering statistics about Planned Parenthood and the number of black women who have abortions through their clinics.

This is the PERFECT way to sum up Planned Parenthood.

Every child deserves to have a voice. Every. Single. One.

But the media won’t let us talk about that, huh?

This is the PERFECT meme.


It’s really sad that those who advocate for Planned Parenthood are the same ones who are being hurt the most by the organization’s existence.

They can’t accuse her of being racist either.


Sadly, they call it a “choice” because it’s the mothers (and sometimes fathers) who make the decision.

What’s even worse is the men who DEMAND Planned Parenthood stay open “for the women,” as if women are incapable of advocating for themselves.

Most people in black communities probably don’t know this bit of history. Instead, they focus on what the media has told them.