NRATV posted a video of Spokeswoman Dana Loesch explaining why she believes in the Second Amendment. It’s a powerful testimony and one that gun control advocates HATE to hear.

Sadly, there are SO many men and women who have been in Dana’s shoes. She’s just ONE example.

Firearms are the great equalizer.

Anti-gunners want people to hide and HOPE for the best.

Don’t we all?

Proof that gun owners have your six, Dana.


And, of course, some people were triggered.

“Bloodshed Barbie.” Very, very creative.

That’s why the NRA has been so effective in the past.

“Common gun sense” is always the keywords for “goodbye guns.”

How is this fearmongering? She’s LITERALLY telling her story. Get a clue.

What in the fresh hell are “cop killer bullets?”

Seriously, you gun control peeps just make up your own terms left and right. It’s quite astonishing.

Don’t confuse determination with anger.

And who are you to decide which firearm is adequate for people’s families? Oh, that’s right no one.

And what makes you think gun owners want innocent people dead? Being pro-gun does not equate to being anti-people.

This is some David Hogg type of rhetoric.