Over the last few days, corporations have fallen victim to the #BoycottNRA movement. Anti-gunners have called on corporations who offer discounts to NRA members to drop the discounts and sever ties with the pro-gun organization.

FedEx finally stepped up and voiced their opinions on gun control measures.

You have to give them credit. They don’t agree with anything the NRA stands for, but guess what? They’re one of a few federally recognized carriers who provide service to federal firearms licensees (FFL), meaning they ship firearms from one FFL to another.

This was definitely a smart PR move.

But if they offer discounts to a lot of different groups that not really “special.”

You clearly didn’t read the last part of their statement. They won’t discriminate against someone because of their political beliefs.

THIS statement WAS courage.

They don’t have to convince you.


Limitations to the Second Amendment IS political.

Offering discounts to groups who have a membership isn’t doing business with the group. It’s doing business with the customer.

So they have “blood on their hands” now too?

So. Many. Flawed. Arguments.

They’re doing what other companies don’t want to do.


Here comes more of the “blood money” shenanigans.