Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is one of the silliest people on the left. She goes on these tirades that, quite frankly, no one takes seriously.

She went on another one of her typical “call for Trump’s impeachment” tirades during the California Democratic Party’s annual convention this weekend.

Of course, because you’re the impeachment decider.

Oh, brother.

At least the conservative response was hilarious. And no one took Waters seriously.


This about sums it up PERFECTLY.

She could definitely use some new talking points.

Where’s her Comms Director?

That’s what every sane person is saying.

Not like she has anything better to do with her time.

Why would she want to do anything for her constituents? If she gets them out of poverty they wouldn’t vote for her again.

Pretty sure a GoFundMe account would easily reach enough money to make this happen.

She’s drinking the liberal kool-aid, so basically.