While corporations in America are trying to decide what side of the gun control debate they want to be on, Second Amendment advocates are paying close attention to what businesses are pulling their discounts from NRA members.

NRA commentator Antonia Okafor explained why people join the NRA. And (shocker!) it’s not because of the discounts that some businesses offered NRA members. In fact, most NRA members didn’t even pay attention enough to know what businesses offered discounts.

Antonia is right on the money. People join the NRA because the organization continually fights for the Second Amendment.

Makes you wonder how many millions more are joining the NRA simply because of corporate America taking a stand?

Oh, wait. They call that “corporate responsibility” AKA caving to gun control zealots’ demands.

Plenty of other Americans are doing the same. They’ll no longer fly with Delta or United Airlines or rent cares from places like Enterprise.

You know you’ve pissed someone off when even Canadians are wanting to get in on the action.

Your crystal ball is pretty much on the money.

Do people even look into the discounts associated with their membership?

If someone simply wanted corporate discounts, they’d join AAA.

They’re having a public relations crisis. They know they can’t make everyone happy so they’re trying to make a decision that angers the fewest people possible. So far…not working.


Hey NRA, can we get some numbers in about a month?