Hollywood actors and actresses seem to think they’re some of the best policy advisers out there. After all, they have a blue check mark next to their name and a platform to spew their really dumb ideas on.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson decided to give President Donald Trump a world of advice about arming teachers:

Based on Jackson’s tweet, it’s pretty obvious he’s not in favor of giving a teacher a firearm.

But what Jackson probably wasn’t prepared for, was the backlash he would receive from gun owners.


Nothing is like they see in movies, which is why we can’t approach these types of scenarios as they would in Hollywood.

Why is WHY we need to make sure we’re armed. We’re not going to magically have a superhero come in and save us from the evil in the world.


Why would anyone listen to Samuel L. Jackson? Wanting to disarm people means NOTHING when he has ARMED GUARDS always at his side.

Once you disarm your bodyguards, Mr. Jackson, we all will.

Listen up, Samuel. Do you HEAR that? That’s the sound of your ideas being squashed by the average American.

Read ’em and weep.

Yup. Because what’s more powerful than being a victim?

Yeah. Just look at what that’s gotten us so far.

We’d all be doomed if that were the case. His idea of gun safety is having it locked in a safe to never be touched.

That would require him to have an original thought.


Why give them the opportunity to come onto ANY school grounds?