CNN’s Andrew Kacynski brought up an interesting point this morning: what will happen to corporations who have/had ties to the NRA? And will boycotting those businesses until they get rid of discounts for NRA members make a difference in the long run?

Basically, these companies who give NRA members discounts are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Someone will be upset, regardless of what they do. Either they’re going to piss off the lefties who want gun control if they keep the discounts in place or they piss off gun owners by discontinuing the discounts they previously had, which shows they’re against the Second Amendment.

No. No they don’t.


Oh yeah. We’re all so scary.

These companies look like they’re backpedaling because they can’t make up their damn mind about where they stand on guns. If they didn’t want to be put in this predicament then they would have never been involved with NRA discounts to begin with.

At least there’s a leftie who realizes gun owners aren’t going to back down from this fight.


Are you saying that those who are members of the NRA are now irresponsible gun owners?

The leadership is determined by those who are voting members. If new leadership is needed, members decide that, not the general public.


You may consider views on immigration to be “extreme,” but most of us just want the law to be followed.

Gee. What a concept, huh?

You aren’t going to get 5 million people to agree with EVERY. SINGLE. decision.

Hey, Josh. Have you ever talked to an NRA member or do you automatically make assumptions? Might do you some good to actually talk to someone.

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