Actress Sally Field seems to think the National Rifle Association and the GOP are to blame for the Florida school shooting. It’s not surprising that she takes that attitude. What she didn’t expect, however, was the backlash she faced.

That’s true. The mainstream media continually works to divide us.

Pretty much every gun owner will tell you, Sally, that their gun hasn’t killed anyone. In fact, inanimate objects can’t kill someone without a person behind them.

Cars…knives…and yes, even guns.



Gun control advocates seem to forget guns aren’t the only means of killing people. If a criminal wants to commit a heinous act, they’ll do so. Their tool may change though.

Notice how everyone is quick to blame the NRA but no one is blaming the FBI for failing to investigate?

That’s a slight understatement.

That would require her to admit that HER hands are dirty in all of this.

Um, no.

Does your uterus require a background check? Nope.

Is your uterus a constitutionally protected right? Nope.

Is your employer forced to pay for your “assault weapon” to keep it from reproducing? Nope.

Someone seems confused.