Producer Seth MacFarlane has a serious question for gun owners across America:

So, because we haven’t been shot at doesn’t mean we’re allowed to want to protect our Second Amendment rights? Got it.

But you don’t say the same thing about the First Amendment.

Hypocritical much?


Seth must think it’s okay to cherry pick stories. You know, pick the ones that fit his end goal of gun control.

And this is what America is made of these days.

At least someone realizes that outright banning guns won’t happen.


The Founding Fathers were worried about a tyrannical government. They wanted to make sure Americans had guns to defend themselves against a corrupt government. Removing the Second Amendment removes one of our most basic rights AND protections we have.

That’s the difference between gun rights advocates and gun control advocates. Gun control proponents want you to take a chance with your life. Gun rights advocates want you to take your safety into your own hands.

There’s a CRAZY thought.