Liberal anti-gunners wasted no time pushing for gun control while emergency personnel attended to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims.

To make things even MORE interesting, a few liberal anti-gunners made their position known. If they ever died in a mass shooting, they would want the gun control movement to politicize their death.

Is this your way of trying to be noble or are you saying that it’s okay to politicize someone’s death while they’re still bleeding?

Is this so people will remember your name and your legacy or would it really be for the greater good of humanity?

The sad part is…a lot of gun control advocates felt the same way as these two.

Another person who wants to act like a sacrificial lamb.

Is this another #MeToo campaign?

Instead of remembering your life you would want your entire funeral to be one giant political movement. Got it.

Make sure you add that in your will.

Again, it’s about YOU and not the epidemic you are supposedly fighting.

Except you can’t have humanity without politics. They go hand-in-hand.

At least someone tried making them see their statement is foolish.


Your logic is flawed.

Case in point: if someone wants to commit a crime with a gun, they’ll go to any means necessary to obtain one.

You’re still missing the point.