Strange things are occurring at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang in South Korea. First, North and South Korea came out together in unison as “Korea.” To make matters even stranger, North Korea has an all-female cheerleading section. Ther are 230 cheerleaders for their 22 athletes.

And while there are only 22 North Korea athletes at the games, there are 230 cheerleaders.

You know Twittersphere ran wild with this.

You’re so punny.

They’re a country buying tickets, not an individual. Plus Kim Jong Un is NUTS. He probably threatened another nuclear missile crisis if he didn’t get those tickets.

It’s propaganda at its finest.

It gives you the chills with how creepy it is.

More like a cheer dictatorship.

Yup. Then he can reference this moment as proof that his people are happy.

They could easily say, “Oh. Well, we’re friends with South Korea now so I figured that meant I could move here.”

The cheerleaders are on the same level of creepiness.