The College Republicans at the University of Washington decided to host the group Patriot Prayer on-campus. The group is known for being pro-Trump and hosting rallies in liberal cities.

According to Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson, the group’s goal is to be non-violent and to gather peacefully. They merely want to come together and share their common beliefs in individual freedom.

Here’s what one participant had to say (and it’s rather blunt):

You can’t blame her for being upset with these idiotic protestors.

The College Republicans issued a statement to their members, reminding everyone to be peaceful and non-violent.

The university received numerous complaints and issued the following statement:

A public university has a responsibility to make sure all student voices are heard on campus. Part of going to college is exposing yourself to other ideas and viewpoints (including the conservative view).

Of course organizers declined to cancel their event. Liberals have taken to threatening conservatives and conservative speakers as a way of scaring them into canceling their events. It’s a scare tactic that has been used to stifle the conservative viewpoint. And guess what? Conservatives are saying no more.

At least UW learned from the mistakes of liberal campuses like Berkeley.

Of course, people were upset by the decision.

By allowing EVERY voice and point of view on campus, UW IS being inclusive. But to liberals that generally means shutting down conservatives, doesn’t it?

What makes you think this group incites violence?

Translation: WOMP. WOMP. WOMP.

Everyone is “marginalized” these days.

Oh, yes. I forgot. Liberals automatically assume Trump supporters are racists.

And in typical liberal fashion, if you don’t like something, yell “RACISM!” or “RACIST!” and everything will be fine…NOT.

Actually, the College Republicans invited the group, not the university. Just because the university didn’t shut down the event doesn’t mean that they’re putting it on. Learn how these things work.

Except when it’s ANTIFA, right?

Free speech is great when you agree with the messaging, right Diane?

The poor police had to anticipate what these idiots were going to do.

At least they got their Starbucks in beforehand.

Here’s what the Patriot Prayer participants looked like:

Sadly, Seattle is representative of a lot of other states. The big city ruins things for the other 98 percents of the state.

Ain’t that the truth?


We shouldn’t have to be ashamed to love living in America.

And, just like every American-loving rally begins, the Star Spangled Banner was sung.

Give me liberty or give me death.

Give me liberty or give me death!

Here’s what counter protestors looked like:

“Racists are not welcome here.”

Good to know.

Ever notice that liberals use the SAME chants for EVERYTHING?

“Hey, ho, Trump has got to go.”

Sound familiar?

Nothing screams “backed by the Democrats” like pre-printed signs.

Can we take a moment to define Fascism? Because lefties throw this word around just as much as they do “racism.”

Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

How the hell is Trump trying to centralize the government or be a dictator? If anything, he’s PUSHED for the republic we live in by encouraging individuals to get involved in politics.


This is what police were forced to do:

But remember, these counter-protesters are “peaceful” and are here to “stand up against hate.”

So these are the people who started the riot?

College kids are so intimidated by other people’s thoughts that they have to basically riot. Isn’t that great?

NO ONE should throw bottles at cops. NO. ONE. They’re there to protect you idiots.

UPDATE: February 12, 2:30 p.m. EST

A video of Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson’s speech has surfaced

Here’s a portion of what he had to say:

I appreciate you guys, the fact that you came out here to celebrate this country…because freedom is a threat to their job security. These politicians don’t want us thinking about freedom. We’re new. The fact that we’re going around the West Coast to talk about freedom on the West Coast and disrupting the system. The people at the top were getting mad. Nancy Pelosi – when we went down to the Bay Area, okay–

[audience boos]

What? You don’t like her?

[audience boos]

I guess she’s not very popular up here.

I’m going to talk term limits in a bit. She’s a great example. She’s like a hundred years old, okay? She has a like $100 million house. She’s only supposed to make like $200,000 a year. Do the math, okay? It doesn’t make sense.

But Nancy Pelosi, for whatever stupid reason, challenged us. She thought that I was just some kid, that we were just some kid, and she challenged us. We’re just no namers. And she said that I was a white supremacist before I even went down there. She said the fact that we had several organizations, some were black, some were Mexican, some were white, some were Japanese, Indians — so much colors, it was crazy. And she said that we’re white supremacists.

She did that because she didn’t want people to listen to our message. That’s the only way she gets elected, if she gets people to not think about freedom. Because she doesn’t give a damn about freedom. She doesn’t even ever talk about freedom. Because she doesn’t care about this country. She doesn’t care about you guys. All share cares about are her bank accounts selling out the American people.

[crowd mumbles in agreement]

Amen to that.

[people applause]

It’s the corruption, you guys. It’s the corruption. That’s the thing, man. It’s the people at the top. They’re getting way too comfortable. Way too comfortable. They think that they can control us and tell us what to do. And I’m sick of it. And we’re not going to do it anymore.

I’ll talk about that a little bit later. But here’s the thing. So she said that we’re white supremacists and we challenged that. We went all over the media and we had a black organizer and a Samoan organizer and an Indian and stuff. And so now we challenge that and the truth is, I found out that when I went to the Bay Area, there are a lot of normal liberals who seriously thought that I was a white supremacist but when we talk, when we have conversations, and they hear me speak, they actually agree with most of my message. Because when we talk about freedom, when we put the full focus on freedom, there’s not a damn person in this country who has half a brain, who would disagree with me.

But the thing with these politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, we have city council members in Seattle, who calls me a white supremacist. We have all these politicians who are comfortable with their jobs and they know that I’m here to attack them. They know that I’m here to give power back to the American people and take away.

There’s one thing they say and it’s that I provoke and you know what, it’s okay, it’s okay because it’s kind of true. I go and if you tell me I can’t go somewhere, I’m going to go there. I’m going to go there every time. You tell me I can’t come out and speak out in an open public park, I’m going to come here no matter what. No matter what.

This is the thing now that you’ve got to understand. Martin Luther King was an expert at this. This is exactly what he did. He went when the racists, the white people, said he couldn’t go into that diner, he went straight into that diner. Every single time. Every single time. There are certain parts that they said they couldn’t go to and they went there. Every single time. Every single time. And they would tape the beatings, they would tape the hate on film and show it to the rest of the world to see. And that’s what we’ve been doing the last year.