One of the FUNNIEST stories going around Twitter right now HAS to be about billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong purchasing the Los Angeles Time and the San Diego Union-Tribune. Literally, every liberal media personality in Los Angeles (so about 99 percent of them) are FREAKING out. You know why? Because their soon-to-be new owner has been seen with President Donald Trump and *GASP* there COULD be a possibility that he supports the president.

If you look at who all the freak out is coming from, it’s from mainstream media reporters at places like the LA Times, POLITICO and Slate.

Reporters were quick to respond to the situation:

Sounds like quite the saga.

A lot can happen in 30 days, especially when a billionaire businessman is put in charge.


What happened to writing the story, not being the story?

Media freakout much?

So you’re in denial too, huh?

The buzz is going around.

Liberals would lose their influence and then they’d REALLY be freaking out.


Some seem quick to tear the man down. Just look at this thread by Rebecca Robbins:

So he hasn’t cured cancer. What does that have to do with running a newspaper?

Then there’s this thread…

It will be interesting to see where the chips will fall with this one. On one hand, lefties are freaking out and melting over the thought of potentially having someone even REMOTELY on Trump’s side managing them. Because, you know, Heaven forbid they have to be even semi-neutral in their reporting. On the other hand, this could be a gigantic shift in how the mainstream media reports on conservatives.

What say you?