Around 5 a.m. Sunday morning a man took a sledgehammer to 12 police cars in Dallas, Texas.

The Dallas Police Department later arrested the suspect, NBC Dallas Fort Worth reported.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to put a chain link fence and gate around the parking lot.


So crazy.

It’s a simple solution that could make a world of difference. Like the Dalla Police Association said: does an officer need to be killed before someone takes this seriously?

Pray for them…then DEMAND local officials do something to fix this problem.

That’s one way of getting the job done.


No, dumb dumb. It would be the city council and other elected officials who vote on budgets to decide to put in appropriate fencing to secure the perimeter. If DPD had a police officer patrolling their lot protecting squad cars, how many people would b**ch and moan about how that’s a waste of taxpayer dollars?

The saddest part is it’s probably going to cost just as much – if not more – to fix the cars than it would be to put up fencing.

Oh snap!

For the officers’ sake, hopefully this isn’t the case.