During the inauguration festivities, now-First Lady Melania Trump brought a gift to then-First Lady Michelle Obama. Many Americans were left with one question: what was inside the Tiffany blue box?

Michelle appeared on the Ellen show and explained why she looked so awkward in the photos and video and what Melania had gifted her.

That does make sense. There are “official” protocols for these types of ceremonies.

So, was there a picture in the picture frame? What does it look like? This answers one question and raises 12 more.

Ohhhh. This makes things much, much more interesting.

Hey! There’s a thought.

That’s pretty funny.

How easily we forget.

Never know so much thought could be put behind a picture frame.

That’s too simple.

Again, that’s too simple.

OUCH. That burn has GOT to hurt.

Hey, even if they’re on the opposite sides of the aisle politically, it is possible for some people to be gracious to one another. It’s a rare trait but it is definitely doable.

You don’t know Melania’s intentions. For all you know, she was doing this as a kind gesture, not an act of malice.

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