On Tuesday night, Fox News’ Tomi Lahren added a video to her Instagram story. The video included Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) giving his response to the State of the Union in the background, with Tomi clearly disagreeing with what he was saying.

Here’s a screencap of what her video looked like:


Now, Lahren has issued an apology about what she posted.

“Too upset?” That’s probably aun understatement.

People on both sides were quick to jump in with their take.

Don’t hold back there, Oliver.

So, wait. Do you agree with Tomi? Or are you hatin’ on what she said? Not quite clear here.

We’re all human, that’s true.

Doesn’t mean that the system is perfect or that things can’t be improved.

She definitely stands for something.

What makes you so sure Tomi has her parents’ insurance? She works for Fox News. I’m betting she can pay for her own healthcare.

Liberals LOVE using the term because it’s ALWAYS used against them. It’s “reverse Snowflake-ism,” you know, like reverse racism.

Come on, dude. Muster up your own liberal line.

To be fair, 3rd grade taught us that we’re supposed to apologize, not necessarily the proper way to do it.


Proof that someone couldn’t come up with anything more clever.

Do they have a conscience because they’re alley cats that howl?

But the weirdest comment of the night goes to…


Where did you even get this from? People literally pull things out of their a** now and call it “news.”