We’re a month into 2018 and I’ve determined that celebrities are just bats**t crazy.

Take Olivia Wilde for example. The actress went on a tangent about a number of things, ranging from skincare to Donald Trump to swimming in pools of cheese.

It makes sense. We use a TON of products on our face. Some of them aren’t all that great for us but we do what we’re recommended to do by, you know, celebrities *cough* Olivia *cough*

If they want to feel good, let them feel good. Who CARES? It’s THEIR money, not yours, Olivia.

Are you a “consumer” or a “product pusher?”


But, Olivia, you’ve done ads on behalf of Revlon before. Don’t you remember?

Wilde then went on to clarify her position.

Uh…wtf do all of these things have to do with one another?


Swimming in melted cheese?



Okkkkaaaayyy then.

Bet that’s really great for your pores too.

Not sure if that’s deflecting negativity…or being nuts.

No sh*t, huh?

You’ve thought too much about this, JD.

That’s how Hollywood does it. Don’t you know that?


No sh*t, Sherlock.