With speeches like the annual State of the Union address, it’s difficult for President Trump to make everyone happy.

Of course, gun control advocates are crying foul because Trump had “no mention” of the Las Vegas shooting (which is utterly false).

According to POLITICO’s Dan Diamond, Trump’s mention tonight was inadequate.

What do you want him to do? Please, enlighten us.

Translations: Trump is racist.

Probably because Scalise is a white guy, so they didn’t care. It didn’t fit the gun control narrative.

He did mention “common sense laws.” It’s called immigration reform, you know, that thing that Democrats are so VASTLY against.


But if you try breaking these things down to gun control advocates, it’s always the same.

“We NEED more laws.”

But the current laws on the books didn’t stop someone from illegally obtaining a firearm and killing someone.

“But we NEED more laws. It’ll protect people.”

And the cycle continues.

Mom’s Demand Action founder Shannon Watts wasted no time slamming Trump either:

Would those three words make you happy?

If it was a true shout out, he would have said the NRA by name. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Shannon.

So, let me get this straight? You want to make law-abiding people defenseless because you think it’ll stop gun violence? What do you tell those women who were unarmed when a criminal raped them?

Because if a large portion of those who are committing crimes come from other countries, it makes more sense to stop them at the border then it does to hunt them down AFTER they’ve committed crimes.

HELLO, common sense.