One of the BEST aspects of political debates and speeches are always the drinking games.

So, grab your favorite hard liquor, beer or wine (or all of the above if you’re feeling really ambitious) and let’s get this party started!

“Lit AF.”

Makes you wonder if it’ll live up to its name.

Ken Bone, the guy with the awesome red sweater, has one of the most COMPLEX drinking games out there.

This one is just designed to get you f**ked up.

The term “fake news” will have you drunk in no time.

This is the best one for those of you who will be watching it with your liberal, gun grabbing, amnesty-loving friends.

And if you’re feeling frisky…this is the game for you:

It’s like strip poker, politics version times 1000.

Victory lap would be interesting.

Or, if you’re like me, and you love BINGO, here are some card choices:

Let’s see who gets BINGO first. Whoever gets blackout (either on their card or on their couch) is the REAL MVP.

“Racist comment” is rather subjective, don’tcha think?

And for the Democrats in your life who want to participate, we got cards for them as well:


That’s quite the solution.