Award-winning journalist Nick Gillespie decided to talk about the difference between those who caused the September 11th attacks and illegal aliens who cross America’s southern border.

The distinction came after an open thread where Gillespie talked about the need for open borders.

Except every other nation in the world has borders. It’s only wrong for America to have borders because people want to live and work here.

How do you know that those who come across our borders are all upstanding people? No one is vetting them. No one is looking into their past.

Is this seriously the argument you’re going to use to say it’s okay for one group to commit a crime because it’s not as severe as the 9/11 terrorists? If that’s the case, shouldn’t we let off every murderer, rapist and molester out there?

And, as you can imagine, people weren’t happy with his explanation.

If we remove the emotional appeals that are often associated with illegal immigration, it’s hard to deny the fact that:

1) People who come here illegally are breaking the law. How can we expect them to respect other laws we have on the books when as soon as they come here, they’re breaking the law?

2) There are costs associated with educating and providing health coverage to folks who walk across our southern border. Someone has to pay for it. Take a guess and who that is.


We can let these discussions be overrun by emotions or we can look at this logically, numerically.

X amount of people come to America illegally. Y is the amount associated with taking care of them (food, housing, medical). What is the government’s liability then?

And how many of them are paid under the table?

Also, there’s no way to escape sales taxes. You know why? Because everyone — even kids using their allowance — pays sales tax when they’re buying goods. There’s absolutely no way around it. If you want the product you pay the tax on top of it.

Judson is on to something here, Nick.

What constitutes a “living wage” anyways? That means different things to different people.

So we should just have open borders, allow anyone who wants to come here to come here? You need to go sit on the southern border for a few days. If we had open borders we would be allowing the drug cartels to WILLINGLY come to America to drop their goods off. We’d be allowing people from other countries, who commit crimes, to come to America as a safe haven.

All this would do is create a harbor for criminals.

Think beyond the emotion.