Police in Kirkland, Washington went on a hunt for a report of a suspicious man with a rifle. The uncovered the “rifle,” which turned out to be an umbrella.

No, we’re not making this up.

Imagine carrying an umbrella and being approached by police for carrying it.

What if they wanted to keep from getting wet in the rain?

Wait for #umbrellacontrol advocates to step forward. They’ll want “common sense umbrella reform.”

As long as it’s not a bump umbrella.

Or a chainsaw attachment?


Maybe the person should have a bright hot pink umbrella next time?

Think of the number of resources that went to this.

Um…there’s still other umbrellas out there…

That’d be a nifty contraption.

Craziest description ever.

BAHAHA. The descriptions alone are questionable.

The cops are probably saying the same thing.

CCU = concealed carry umbrellas.

Liberals hate them all.

Whoever reported it needs to really have their eyes checked.