Apparently CNN’s Jim Acosta missed the memo. You know, the one that says that you’re supposed to follow the law of the land. Either that or he thinks some laws are more important than others.

When Acosta’s colleague, Brooke Baldwin, tweeted out an article about an illegal immigrant who was deported, Acosta asked the question, “Does this feel like America?”

Come on, Jim.

And who are you to make that decision?

Jim seemed to have missed the memo: Obama (Liberal’s godsend) was the one who deported more people than any other president. But remember, Republicans are EVIL.

Dude, put down the liberal Kool-Aid.


Here comes Hollywood…telling us average folk what America is *really* like.


Uh….Jim’s job is to report the news, not bring down an administration. Please, try again.


Let us all go crawl in the box of shame. Heaven forbid we want to protect our people…and our nation.

Hey dummy. There’s only ONE United States of America.

That was creative.

Andres, the problem here is you’re applying logic to an emotional situation.


Ah, Stephanie. See, you Democrats fail to miss the point. If we allow EVERY single person who just “broke the law once” then we’d be a LAWLESS nation.

You can’t have a society without law and order.

Leave the law behind and the order goes out the crapper.

If he did, he wouldn’t say these stupid things. Atlas the media tries to rewrite history.

And there’s no way for the illegal to say, “Oh, I forgot.” It’d be different if it was a couple months not THREE DECADES.

Technically, he IS a criminal. He broke the law. Why is that so hard to understand?

That seems to be way too logical for people.

We’re “fragile” because we’re actually enforcing our laws? WTF are you smoking?

And the trolling trophy goes to…