Earlier this morning, the people of Hawaii received emergency alerts saying a ballistic missile was headed their way. Now that the threat has been proven to be an accident of some kind, people have decided to make fun of the situation on social media.

Would you rather be pissed off for a day or banished into eternity?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Lazy? Careless? Either way, it was a screwed up situation.

And were you running for your life? Prooooobably not, so pipe down.

It’s such a sh*thole that everyone wants to visit there.

They’re probably realizing just how much they f**ked up.

Um…ordering a latte and sending out an emergency alert aren’t even remotely similar.


You’re so clever.


Doubt anyone who lives in Hawaii thinks this is funny.

Bring on the wine…or the whiskey…or the bourbon. Hell, bring on the whole mini bar!

Yeeeeahhh. Okay.

Hopefully no one pressed this on purpose.

Sadly, there were parents having to do this to their children.

There is this thing called human error, you know.

How creative.

You sure they had that much fun while doing it?

You know it.

Um…this was an EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM, that was put in place for situations LIKE a ballistic missile ACTUALLY being a threat. People received text messages, heard sirens and broadcasts came across television and radio stations. How the hell is the believing everything you read on Twitter?

At least know what you’re talking about before you make a dumb comment like that.