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Earlier this morning, Hawaii sent out an emergency alert system notifying residents and tourists of a “ballistic missile threat” making its way to the big island.

It turns out that officials sent out the WRONG message. They were wanting to do a drill but sent out the “official” message that a missile was actually coming.

Who wouldn’t sh*t themselves if they got this kind of message on their phone?

Good news…after giving everyone a heart attack.

Legit questions.

And a missile makes you go POOF, in case you didn’t know that.


Caused panic NATIONWIDE.

If this was a hack then the person needs to be imprisoned.

That’s quite the relief, right?

UPDATE: 2:10p.m. EST

Here are some videos of a tourist in their hotel room:

Would hiding under your bed or in your room really make a difference against a missile? Probably not.

Talk about a sign of relief.


What a way to wake up.

No parent should have to make that difficult decision.

Every person thought they were going to diminish. That is NOT funny.

UPDATE: 2:30p.m. EST

It’s a sad reality.

That’s one way of looking at it.

Hopefully this means more families who live in Hawaii realize how detrimental their preparedness truly is.

Living dangerously. Huh.

This is definitely a learning tool.

UPDATE: 2:45p.m. EST

Proof that even politicians are impacted by mistakes like this.

Definitely traumatic.

That would probably make a LOT of Americans feel better.

Hopefully this was a mistake and not a “prank.”

Sadly, Takei is right about this.

An INSTANT correction should have gone out.

That will give you the chills.

UPDATE: 2:55p.m. EST

CNN spoke with Hawaii Governor David Igle to find out what happened.

You know someone is going to be fired.