Twitter has a new hashtag, #DeepThoughtsFromMillennials. Of course, that quickly turned into a mock-fest by Baby Boomers and Millennials alike.

Pretty sure that’s everyone with an electronic device these days.

Butthurt cream never hurts, especially if it’s a chronic condition for you.

Isn’t that the rule for Snapchat?

Some Millennials know there are still newspapers in print.

Old farts must be mad that they can’t hang.

It looks scary!

Apparently all Millennials are now man-bun wearing, coconut milk drinking, self-righteous vegans who wear pu**y hats.

Doesn’t everyone want to feel special?

Imagine how rich some people would be just because they tweet useless cat memes.

Scary thought, right?

Let’s see…

Jersey Shore. Real World [insert city here]. Bachelor. Bachelorette. Survivor.

Just flip on MTV and you got your answer.

We’ve all been there.

Sucks to suck.

What a bunch of freeloaders.

The sky. Trees. The bank. That magical card thing you swipe and insert at the grocery store. Your mind.

Which makes no. freaking. sense.

Something had to come first. DUH.

Lord only knows what they think of The Great Recession.

Or where there was no email on your phone.



There are idiots who walk around with his face on their shirt and they have no idea that he was a Communist mass murderer. But hey, who needs history?

You forgot to put the word “like” in between every other word.

Not my *like* fault that *like* you owe me *like* $12 for this *like* Starbucks latte with *like* extra whipped cream and *like* extra hot.

Your head hurt yet?

^^^ Someone gets the struggle.

Andddd the world is doomed.