Everyone’s favorite liberal, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), thinks she now speaks for Americans, as evidenced by her tweet calling Trump’s proposed wall a ‘symbol of hate.’

Not everyone is seeing things the way Pelosi does.

Point taken. Americans are fed up with the lack of a wall.

They must have realized the majority is against them.

They’re calling for your head, Nancy.

Maybe she’d like those four walls.

But, remember…it’s okay for every other country to defend their borders, except the United States.

Time to get ‘er done.

She wants to be able to walk away with her hands clean and say that she did everything she could to be a “humanitarian.”

If you don’t want the wall, then fix other policies. It’s really not that hard.

Gee. What a concept, putting Americans before foreigners.

Translation: A picture on social media isn’t going to change a thing for you.

That makes sense. But this is how Democrats want it to be: