After having a run in with Shannon Watts earlier today, Dana Loesch decided to take a trip down memory lane by tweeting out stupid things Watts has said in the past.

Yeah, no. Not how that works.

Watts wants to disarm EVERYONE.

And if you speak out against her on Twitter, you’ll get the Watts ban.

If you’re part of the ban, wear the badge with honor.

Not sure how anyone can defend a dictator.

But, who better to call for gun control than an idiot?

The best part of this trip down memory lane though has to be Second Amendment advocates’ mocking of Watts.

The sad part is Watts NEVER says anything even remotely intelligent.


Only if it’s 3 inches around or bigger.


Pop. Pop. POP.

It’s having adverse effects.

She’s not the brightest Crayola in the Crayola box either.

Only if you can throw 10 punches a minute.

This is the one question we’re all dying to hear the answer to.

Maybe she’s a test tube baby?