Earlier this morning Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller appeared on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead.” A fiery exchange occurred between the two when Miller veered away from Tapper’s questioning.

People instantly jumped on social media to take sides. Some believe Tapper censored Miller while others believe he ended the interview professionally.

Of course, President Trump took to Twitter to call out Tapper and CNN.

Just out of curiosity, what is the definition of a “true liberal?”

Technically, both sides had a mission. Miller was on a mission to bring up points he thought were valid. Tapper, on the other hand, had specific questions he want answered.

Is it fair to say both failed at their mission?

Makes you wonder if the mic cutoff was a Tapper decision or a producer decision.

That really would have upset people.

TDS for short?

How did we jump to white supremacy?

That’s one way of looking at it.

A handful of well-known people also decided to defend Tapper. Some are reporters, others are political big wigs.


Not everyone can possess restraint, that much is true.

Does this prove that Tapper is hard on every guest of his?

Them some fightin’ words.

What network is this airing on?

Guess it’s Trump TV?