Cleveland Browns fans gathered in the city’s downtown area to celebrate the team’s “perfect” season…of losing. People across the city stood in zero degree temperatures to make their disdain known.

They’re linin’ up.

At least some have a sense of humor.

Others have a sick sense of humor.

These are the team’s FANS. Can you imagine what their ENEMIES look like!?

It’s not a shiny trophy they can hang in their locker room, but that (paper) participation trophy will have to do.

Those are some fightin’ words.

Cheering your team on…to lose. That’s definitely different.

Can you blame them?

Gotta give ’em credit. They’re standing out in freezing temps…and it’s not just a handful of them.


Makes you feel slightly sorry for them, doesn’t it?

You know your team sucks when you’re too ashamed to show your face.

Even Sesame Street made an appearance!

And if you want a souvenir…

MBGG? Let’s see how that rolls off the tongue.

The one person who’s super upset by the parade? The Browns’ defensive end, Emmanuel Ogbah.

Oh, Emmanuel. You should have just stayed quiet.


BUT…To make matters even worse the North Korean parody account is using this as a reason to push socialism!