Turning Point USA is currently hosting their “Student Action Summit.” Speakers include Judge Jeannine Pirro, Greg Gutfeld, Tomi Lahren, Donald Trump Jr., Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Allie Stuckey.

One student who is attending the conference, Chloe Knox, claims that she had a question for Fox News’ Tomi Lahren about being pro-choice. When she tried asking her question, Knox says she was ‘censored’ by TPUSA.

Knox went on a Twitter spree about her experience:

Apparently, Knox reached out to Allie Stuckey, better known as the Conservative Millennial, about her experience. Stuckey agreed with Knox.

Others on Twitter commented on the issue that seemingly appeared to get Lahren fired from TheBlaze.

Why would she willingly take on that conversation though? Think about it. The last time she spoke about how she felt about abortion she was drug through the mud. She probably figures she’s better off not addressing the topic out of fear of another public relations nightmare.

But what fun is it to be a famous talking head if you can’t control the conversation?

Some conservative students like political clown shows. I know I certainly did when I was in college.


She has become quite the snowflake since she tried to coin the term.

I agree with you, Carl. This wasn’t a violation of her free speech. It is, sadly, a hindrance to our movement though. Part of being a glorified talking head is knowing your positions forward and backwards and why you feel the way you do about a particular issue.

Well, that’s one quite unconventional way of putting it, I suppose.

Although people were quick to react to Knox’s thread, this thread is probably the most interesting:

You’re right. TPUSA has a right to choose who can and cannot speak, what questions will and will not be answered and who the speakers will and will not be. The problem is this: if someone is a talking head, like Lahren, they need to be able to put their money where their mouth is. If they’re going to go on political tangents on a major cable news network then they need to be able to answer questions about their stances and in this case, their character (or lack thereof, depending on how you look at it).

It’s unfair for these television personalities to go on air and make comments but never address them afterwards. If you want to be in the public eye then you’re in the public eye. All. The. Time. Not when you choose to be.


Throw TheBlaze’s Lawrence Jones into the mix and things get even more heated.


Got to love when you get subtweeted, right Tomi?

Again, hold their feet to the fire. ALL of them.

Shots. Fired.

TPUSA and Lahren are outspoken proponents of free speech. I will say this though: TPUSA can’t force Tomi to answer any question that she doesn’t want to. Just because she’s a speaker at a conference of theirs doesn’t mean that they control her line of questioning or comments. In fact, if anyone chooses what questions a speaker will take it’s the speaker him or herself or their publicist. Very rarely do organizations get this kind of say (if ever).

TPUSA now has some explaining to do, according to some conservatives.

The best part? This liberal idiot who tried to troll Knox but made herself look even stupider.

I never understand Liberals who make these kinds of arguments. What kind of woman is Chloe? Is it her being white? Is it her being conservative? Is it her being pro-life? Please, define what kind of woman she is so we know what part of her you’re against.

To make things more interesting, Tomi decided to block Chloe.

Feeling guilty much, Tomi?


Allie Stuckey decided to address the situation in a subtweet:

It’s not fair for Allie to constantly be lumped in with Tomi because A) they’re both blonde and B) because they both were/are at TheBlaze at one point in time.

Fans quickly backed Stuckey and talked about why they can’t stand Tomi.

Maybe she need her own snowflake award.


Maybe she thinks being demeaning is “educating” people?

‘Nuff said.

UPDATE: 11:30pm EST

Charlie Kirk, the president and founder of TPUSA, personally apologized to Knox.

Because of this, Kirk received applause from fellow conservatives.

Others were still fed up with the situation.

Eh…hopefully that’s not the case.

Kimberly kind of, sort of, has a point though…


Sarah, you might just be onto something.